Hot Drinks

We use only the finest Italian illy coffee expertly made with love. We serve only the best quality tea made by Teapigs an award winning range which use only the very best whole leaf teas, flowers, fruits & berry’s served in their special silky bag that allows more flavour than a standard tea bag.

NB. DRINKS CONTAINING MILK ARE ONLY DAIRY FREE, LACTOSE FREE & VEGAN WHEN SOYA MILK IS USED. Also available as catering with or without our lunch platters Served in pump flasks (caterers)


  • Chai latte
  • illy americano
  • illy double espresso
  • illy espresso single
  • illy macchiato single
  • illy cappuccino with a sprinkle of chocolate
  • illy cappuccino without chocolate
  • illy latte
  • illy cafĂ© mocha (Double shot illy coffee with Monblonc chocolate & steamed milk)

Tea & Hot chocolate

  • Hot chocolate by Monblonc (Made by the French chocaltier Monblonc
  • Chai latte (Spiced tea latte)
  • Tea by teapigs (English breakfast tea- probably the best you will ever taste!)
  • Earl grey tea by tea pigs (Finest Darjeeling earl grey)
  • Organic rooibos & honey bush tea by tea pigs (Caffeine free)
  • Rooibos & creme caramel by tea pigs (Caffeine free)
  • Chai tea by tea pigs
  • Spiced winter red tea by tea pigs (Caffeine free Spicy & warming for those cold days)
  • Green tea by tea pigs (Mao feng green tea probably the best tasting green tea you will ever taste)
  • Green tea with mint by tea pigs (Traditional Moroccan tea refreshing & packed with antioxidants)
  • Silver tips white tea by teapigs (More antioxidants than Green tea, refreshing light & aromatic)
  • Jasmine tea by tea pigs
  • Chamomile tea by tea pigs
  • Peppermint leaf tea by tea pigs
  • Pure lemon grass tea by tea pigs
  • Super fruit tea by tea pigs (Caffeine free Packed with antioxidant rich Blueberry & Cranberry)
  • Summer flowers tea by teapigs