Gluten-free wraps

We are one of the only sandwich bars around to offer a totally gluten free sandwich solution, served on an 8’’ corn tortilla wraps. ALL THE INGREDIENTS DISPLAYED ON THIS SECTION ARE FULLY GLUTEN FREE! NB. OUR FOOD IS PREPARED IN A KITCHEN THAT ALSO PREPARES GLUTEN PRODUCTS!

If you have an allergy call us up & we will be happy to sanitise our work areas & change gloves prior to making your order. If you require any further help Telephone 0207 404 5128 WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP. Also available as catering on lunch platters(caterers)

Vegetarian gluten-free wraps

  • The Athenian – Greek salad with feta cheese mixed peppers, avocado, olives, mixed leaf, tomato, cucumber & tzatziki dressing
  • The Arabian – Falafel, humus, tomato, red onion, cucumber& mixed leaf
  • The Italian – Mozzarella, green pesto, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, sun dried tomato mixed leaf & basil
  • The Holborn – Free range egg mayo, spring onions, green pesto, tomatoes & mixed leaf
  • The Londoner – Red leicester & cheddar cheese, spring onion, mayonnaise, mixed leaf, tomato & cucumber
  • The L.A. – Humus, grated carrot, Californian raisins, assorted seeds, mixed leaf, tomato & cucumber

Non-vegetarian gluten-free wraps

  • The Protein Buster – Spicy mixed beans & peppers, a free ranged sliced egg, mixed seeds, low calorie mayonnaise, mixed leaf & tomato
  • The Russell Square – Honey roast ham, mixed cheese, grain mustard mayonnaise, coleslaw, mixed leaf & red onion
  • The Bloomsbury – Roast beef horseradish mayonnaise,mixed leaf, tomato & red onion
  • The Turkish Hot – Chicken kebab, hummus, hot chili sauce, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, mixed leaf, tomato & onion
  • The Mexican – Spicy Mexican chicken, guacamole, mixed leaf, red onion, mixed beans & pepper salad
  • The Workout – High protein, a large breast of chicken, a free range sliced egg, mixed seeds low calorie mayonnaise, mixed leaf & tomato
  • The Clerkenwell – Crispy bacon, egg mayonnaise, avocado, tomato, mixed leaf & cucumber
  • The New Yorker – Smoked salmon, cream cheese, mixed leaf, tomato & cucumber
  • The Great Ormond St – Salt beef ,pickled cucumber, coleslaw, mixed leaf, red onion & American Mustard
  • The Health – Grilled breast of herb chicken with extra light low fat mayonnaise, avocado, mixed leaf tomato & cucumber
  • The Low – Dolphin friendly tuna chunks with low fat mayonnaise, sweet corn mixed leaf, tomato & cucumber
  • The Vitality – Prawn, low fat mayonnaise, mixed seeds, avocado, grated carrot, mixed leaf & tomatoes