Environmental Statement

We believe in caring for our environment and rather than listing loads of policies that are long-winded and are hard to keep to, we at Danny’s have set our own priorities and they are :-

1. Packaging
(A) We try our best to give as little packaging as possible and always ask whether our customers need a carrier bag, cutlery, drinks carriers and sugar for hot drinks etc.

(B) Over 90% of our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable and we are working towards improving this by sourcing new suppliers enabling us to achieve even better results.

2. Recycling
We ask our customers to bring back or allow us to collect cup carriers, platter trays and smoothie cups. Our local authority is unable to offer us a full recycling solution however we have set up our own recycling system.

3. Energy
We turn off the majority of our electrical apparatus overnight/days off only keeping on those that are essential. All our lighting is LED which use up to 85% less energy than conventional bulbs.

Working on our environmental responsibilities is an ever evolving process and we are looking to update this section as regularly as possible. We are serious about doing our bit and we know we can always do more. If you have any suggestions or ideas that may help us why not drop us an email at info@dannysgourmetwraps.com