Welcome to Danny’s – Home of the gourmet wrap

The idea of a wrap is genius. Just like the sandwich, it’s a food type that can be put together quickly and eaten by someone on the go. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. All it takes is some flat bread and filling of some kind and voila. You have yourself a tasty wrap. There is no denying just how versatile the wrap.

At Danny’s we’re just not content with your daily run of the mill wrap. We have turned the process of making wraps into an art form that you can only find here. Having been inspired by the different global flavours that are found in wraps around the world, we’re now able to provide the same disparate tastes right here in London.

Wraps were developed independently in paces as far flung as Mexico, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia incorporating different flat breads and fillings. Whether with tortillas, to pita or injeera, the traditional sandwich was a convenient and delicious meal. At Danny’s we bring you tastes from Mexico, the U.S., Lebanon, Greece, Morocco and good old Britain in a fusion that is bound to blow your mind with our wraps.

Of course we’re not only a specialist wrap shop, although our wraps are so good we had to make them our signature. We also offer other forms of sandwiches, salads and soups in addition to breakfast meals for your enjoyment at all times.

So drop in some time, or order online. Have us cater your event. Danny’s guarantee is a meal you will not forget.